Sunday, December 12, 2010

12.12.10: It Snows in Wisconsin

Hi guys! A.J. here!

If you've seen the news at all this weekend you probably know that we've had a little bit of snow this weekend. Mama has taken to calling it "Snowmageddon!" because of all of the talk about it on tv. Well, I am here to tell you we have a whole bunch of snow here, and it is very, very cold.

I know this isn't my first winter, but last year at this time I was too little to spend time out in the cold, so I missed out on the white stuff. This year, I am prepared with new snow pants, boots, and all the other necessary things to keep me warm so Mama and Daddy decided to take me out to see the snow for myself this morning.

Here's a look at my first taste of snow...
First, I got to open my first Christmas present of the year from my Anderson Grandparents. They sent me some snow pants, which I definitely needed for my snow adventure!
I don't have a whole lot of experience with opening presents, so at first I thought it would be fun to climb up on the box instead of opening it.

As you can see, getting me ready for the great outdoors took several layers.

Let me tell you, walking outside in the snow is NOT easy! That stuff is slippery and the boots and extra layers made me a little wobbly!

Thankfully my daddy was close by to help me get up when I fell down.

After just a few minutes outside, Mama and Daddy decided 30 mph winds and wind chills below zero were just a little too cold for a dude my size, so we headed back inside.

And while the big people were putting away all the snow gear, I took advantage of the alone time to climb up to the kitchen table and eat some leftover bacon from breakfast. All that snow time makes a boy hungry!

I hope I can play in the snow again soon!

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See Mama Run! said...

This is so funny, because its QUITE the adventure just DRESSING a young kiddo in snow gear. It's such a daunting task....because it usually takes longer to DRESS the kid than it does to actually play outside before they get cranky and cold.. :)