Wednesday, May 26, 2010

05.25.10: Walking A.J.

It's official. Our little monkey man is on the move!

He's kind of sneaky about it though. Walking around like nobody's business until I whip out the camera phone.
Here's a few steps I managed to catch yesterday while A.J. was helping me put away laundry!

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Jenny said...

Hi Steph! This is Jenny from CKU Chicago! Thank you for the nice comment on my WITL album. Of course I remember you and your cute mom from Ali's class :) I remember you kept talking to other glas about Studio Calico. Since then, I've joined Studio Calico. I realized AFTER the fact that Nicole H was one of Ali's helpers. lol. Congrats on your baby boy! Now I'll be checking your blog for your WITL album :) Good to chat with you!